Thousand Hills Re-Directs Golfers

Thousand Hills Golf Resort is located just off the famous 76 Country Music Boulevard in the heart of Branson Missouri. This beautiful Robert Cupp design is nestled in the middle of pristine land. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is frequently cited as one of the Branson's most outstanding golf courses. This 18-hole course, equipped with challenging tees and fairways, is played each season by more than 25,000 golfers. Playing to a Par 64, this course has 9 par 3's, 8 par 4's and one par 5. This layout can be demanding off the tee and require precise shots into the undulating greens. Elevation changes and strategic bunkering throughout this beautiful masterpiece adds to not only the aesthetic value but also to the overall experience. Thousand Hills offers a spectacular combination of scenic surroundings and challenging holes.

Since 1993, thousands of golfers have played Thousand Hills Golf Resort and many come back year after year to play their favorite. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is dedicated to always keeping the golf course fun and enjoyable. This year, we are making numerous additions to the course to improve on an already great experience. Thousand Hills Golf Resort understands that the accessibility to the golf course is important. Thousand Hills offers senior flags allowing seniors over the age of 55 to drive in the fairways on days that others can't (conditions permitting). The senior flags were implemented in the fall of 2012 with great response. Everyone enjoyed the convenience of driving on the fairways and shorten their steps to get to their ball. In addition to the senior flags, we have had new cart paths built so that the walk to the greens is much less severe. Previously, hole number 12, a short par three that plays severely downhill; with the cartpath staying up on the hill. This year, we brought the cartpath to the green. This is a huge improvement keeping the golfers from having to walk up and down a flight of stairs during their round. We hope the senior flag system and the new cartpaths will encourage our seniors to get out and play more.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort is now working to re-route the golf course for a better flow and speedier round of golf. Thousand Hills Golf Resort has one of the toughest par 4's in the state, hole number 3. The re-routing of the golf course will put this difficult par 4 later in the round and not directly after the easiest hole on the golf course. In the new layout, hole number three becomes number nine. When you play hole number one and two and go through the tunnel under Golf View Dr., instead of staying straight you will turn right and head to what was hole number six. This change will help reduce the typical round to four hours or less. You're still getting the same great 18 holes but just in a little less time. The new layout will be ready to play in March of 2013.

Thousand Hills has also changed some of the maintenance practices to expedite your round. We have lowered the height of rough by nearly an inch to aid in the recovery of your ball should it find its way into the rough. We accomplished this by purchasing specialized equipment to allow the lower height of cut and as a side benefit increase the frequency of cutting. Ball finding should be a snap now.

To further enhance your round for the 2013 season we have a new fleet of golf cars. We worked diligently in the off-season with Yamaha to trade out our relatively new 2011 golf cars so we could keep you rolling on the course with that new car smell.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort is a fun, fair and challenging golf course that golfers of all ages can enjoy. If you have played Thousand Hills Golf Resort before, please come out and enjoy our new re-routing of the course. If you have not played here, I do encourage you to try this gem that is as beautiful as the Ozarks scenery itself.


Hot Air Balloon Uses Fairway Bunker as Landing Strip
On Sunday morning July 25, 2010 golfers were treated to a sight that is not normally seen on the golf course.
The hot air balloon pilot stated that he was trying to avoid a storm cloud in the distance and that created the necessity to land on short notice.  Little did he know he was landing on a course that was named after its topographical attributes.  Everything went well and no one was hurt, but it did back up the first tee for a bit while the balloon was being removed


The Stars at Night are Big and Bright Deep in the Heart of Branson
The stars of Branson helped Thousand Hills make 15th anniversary memorable and welcome Mickey Gilley back to town in fine fashion.
It was a star studded evening at Thousand Hills to celebrate our 15th anniversary and Mickey Gilley's return to Branson. Allen Edwards, Buck Trent, Neal McCoy, Shoji Tabuchi, Pierce Arrow and many other stars were present to welcome Mickey back.

Thousand Hills Turns 15
Mickey Gilley Hits the First Shot

15 years ago on April 1, 1995 Andy Williams struck the first shot at Thousand Hills golf course. This began a new standard to be met which has evolved into Branson being the #1 golf destination in the Midwest. 
Fast forward to April 1, 2010.  Mickey Gilley struck the first shot at Thousand Hills golf course to continue Branson's status as the #1 golf destination in the Midwest.  Mickey and Thousand Hills have always had a wonderful relationship. It is our pleasure and honor to share the spotlight on this most auspicious day as it also commemorates Mickey's return to Branson after a lengthy recovery due to an injury suffered in 2009.  Welcome back Mickey.  April 12th will be Mickey's first show since the accident.  He is very excited to return to both his show and and golf.  Thank you for your friendship and all of us at Thousand Hills wish you Godspeed in your continued recovery.


The Legends in Concert
Take the Stage at Thousand Hills Golf Resort

On Friday and Saturday November 6th and 7th 2009 The Legends in Concert took the stage at Thousand Hills Golf Resort.  The event was graced by fabulous weather and great turnout, with almost 200 golfers taking advantage of the opportunity to mingle with the stars of The Legends in Concert.  Besides being introduced to the Legends the golfers also received a free hamburger/hot dog lunch, special golf rate, inclusion in daily closest to the pin contests and a special show rate for the Legends in Concert.

The Blues Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly were all in attendance to greet golfers, pass out complimentary Legends logo golf balls and even get in a few holes.

Shoji Tabuchi Scores "Hole in One"

Golf Obsession

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By Joshua Clark
Staff Writer

There is something about the sport of golf that attracts entertainers and professional athletes alike. From Michael Jordan to Alice Cooper, golf is quickly becoming a pastime for those who spend their lives entertaining.

“I love the game of golf,” country music legend Mickey Gilley said during an interview in June. “It is a full-blown passion that I take advantage of as often as I can. I just love to get out there and torture myself.”

Thousand Hills Golf Pro Dan Davis sees Gilley and Branson entertainer Shoji Tabuchi several times a week, as well as several other local and national entertainers who play the course every year.

“In addition to Gilley and Tabuchi, we get folks from Pierce Arrow, Grand Country Jubilee and Buck Trent,” Davis said. “Plus, we had the guys from Restless Heart and Little Texas over the past few weeks, as well.”

Most golfers never get the chance to experience that high of golf course highs — the hole-in-one — but for Gilley and Tabuchi, that reality has happened on several occasions.

On July 3, Tabuchi drained his second career hole-in-one at Thousand Hills Golf Course.

“It's beautiful,” Tabuchi said. “There is nothing nicer, is there?”

Tabuchi's hole-in-one last week came on the second hole, which measures 124 yards.

“My friend Wayne Dixon actually called the shot,” Tabuchi said. “A few times I came really close, but you have to be right on it to get the ball to fall.”

The staff at Thousand Hills gives golfers who make a hole-in-one a personalized golf flag, which includes the yardage for the day, the club used and the signatures of all witnesses. Davis estimates there are between 15-20 a year.

Tabuchi's addiction to the sport began 15 years ago.

“Golf just ruined everything,” Tabuchi said with a smile. “My fishing and every other sport was gone. I play several times a week, but if you ask my wife, she'll say it is every day.”

Tabuchi plays as often as three times a week at courses around town, but confesses he plays Thousand Hills most often.

“I have two shows a day, so I get out early,” Tabuchi said. “I can get in 18 holes really quickly here and still have time to prepare for the show.”

Tabuchi has a long way to go to catch up with Gilley, who has four holes-in-one. Gilley, who is recovering from back surgery, has recorded two holes-in-one on hole No. 12, one on hole No. 2 and one on No. 17 during his 14 years playing at Thousand Hills.

“The one on 17 was great because it was 166 yards and the pin was on the back side of the green,” Gilley said. “I hit a five wood and drained it. Nowadays, I just pray to get on the green.”

Gilley enjoys Point Royale, Holiday Hills and Thousand Hills.

“I'll play anywhere. I just love the game.”

Golf's popularity has grown because of the personal challenge, Tabuchi said.

“You are competing with yourself, and that aspect seems to speak to everyone,” he said. “You know, it's the battle within yourself.”